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The King Of Fighters Kyo Kusanagi Men Cosplay Costumes

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The King Of Fighters Kyo Kusanagi Men Cosplay Costumes

Game:The King Of Fighters


Material: Damask,jean

Net Weight: 1.50kg

Shipping Weight: 1.70kg


Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach!It will take 7- 15 days for customizing!

Features:This costume is based on the character Kyo Kusanagi in NESTS. We attach importance to the returning to the original role from many sides. We choose quality jean cloth instead of uniform cloth to make the pants in order to be consistent with the character setting. The top coat is well cut to show the concise image of the king of fighters!

Character Introduction: yo is an overconfident but well-meaning person, more interested in enjoying life than taking on responsibilities. He is quick to dismiss subjects that do not interest him and will often carry out his actions with a devil-may-care attitude. He treasures his friends and family, enjoying their presence and particularly dotes on his girlfriend, Yuki.His strong sense of justice and zeal to fight stronger opponents are what he believes drives him to carry out his destiny.Kyo enters most of The King of Fighters tournaments representing the Japanese team along with teammates Benimaru Nikaido and Goro Daimon. In his fights he uses the clan's martial art style, the Kusanagi-style of Kempo (Kusanagi-ryū Kenpō?), attacking opponents using flames along with several hits. In later series' tournaments he would combine fire with a personal style of kenpō.


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The King Of Fighters Kyo Kusanagi Men Cosplay Costumes

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