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Star Wars Jedi Long Black Robe Halloween Cosplay Costume


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Star Wars Jedi Long Black Robe Halloween Cosplay Costumes

Includes: Long robe

Material: Pleuche

Net Weight: 0.60kg

Shipping Weight: 0.70kg

Shown Color: Brown

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach

Features: This costumes is made from hot movie Star Wars. Our professional designers use pleuche to make this long robe, wearing comforable.

Character Introduction: The Jedi are the main protagonists in the fictional Star Wars universe. They are an ancient monastic, spiritual, and academic meritocratic organization whose origins dates back to circa 25,000 BBY (Before Battle of Yavin; the destruction of the first Death Star). The Jedi Order mostly consists of polymaths: teachers, philosophers, scientists, engineers, physicians, diplomats and warriors, who value knowledge and wisdom above nationality. By serving others, the Jedi give of themselves through acts of charity, citizenship, volunteerism, and good deeds, although despite this some sentients have displayed resentment, hostility and phobia of Jedi and tend to treat them more as villians rather than heroes: a degree known as Anti-Jedi sentiment. Their traditional weapon is the lightsaber, a device which generates a blade-like controlled by a crystal. The organization has inspired a new religious movement, Jediism.


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Star Wars Jedi Long Black Robe Halloween Cosplay Costume

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