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Sailor Moon Meiou Setsuna Perfessional Deaign

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Includes: Coat, shirt, skirt

Material: Uniform cloth

Net Weight: 1.20kg

Shipping Weight: 1.40kg

Shown Color: Purple

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach

Features: High quaulity with uniform cloth, very comfortable, easy to wash, and looks beautiful.

Character Introduction: Setsuna falls victim to Tellu's Tellun plant, and collapses on the ground, with Haruka and Michiru sensing that someone that is close to them is in danger. Setsuna calls for help, and a voice inside her commands for her to awaken, causing the symbol of Pluto to appear on her forehead. This also causing for the symbols of Uranus and Neptune to appear on Haruka's and Michiru's foreheads, and the three appear in the same room together. In effect, she becomes Sailor Pluto again.