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Pokemon Pikachu Cosplay Costume Style Yellow

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Includes: Coat, pants, bow-knot, wrist

Material: Uniform cloth

Net Weight: 2.00kg

Shipping Weight: 2.50kg

Shown Color: Yellow

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach

Features: This costumes with the perfessional design make you so fashion and attractive and so cute in the party.

Character Introduction: The Pokémon Pikachu (Pocket Pikachu in the country of Japan) is a device similar to a Poke Walker that has a built in pedometer. Players walk around gathering Watts that can be used to care for Pikachu, gain favor with it, or trade to other Pokémon Pikachu systems for items. Pikachu is cared for like a virtual pet with feeding and constant attention.