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Love Live! Nishikino Maki Costume Outfit Stage Cosplay Type B *Tailored*

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Includes: Dress, gloves, tie

Material: Uniform colth

Net Weight: 1.68kg

Shipping Weight: 2.50kg

Shown Color: Red

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach

Features: Professional designer with bright color, more similar to the original character, it would good and comfortable for wearing.

Character Introduction: Maki has the qualities of a tsundere and has a hard time admitting her true feelings to her peers. She also has somewhat childish beliefs, as demonstrated by the group finding out that she still believes in Santa Claus. Maki is also quite stubborn. This was shown when she was invited to play at the beach, as she was withdrawn from the group and not interested in playing with them.