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Love Live! Magician Awaken Hanayo Koizumi Cosplay Costumes

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Love Live! Magician Awaken Hanayo Koizumi Cosplay Costumes

Anime:Love Live!

Included: Dress,tie,gloves,bowknot

Material: Uniform cloth

Net Weight: 2.50kg

Shipping Weight: 3.00kg

Color: Red

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach!It will take 7- 15 days for customizing!

Features:Love Live Magician Awaken! The design is based on the original role, the exquisite tailoring and fabric will surely make you satisfied!

Character Introduction: Hanayo is a first-year student interested in drawing and origami. She is referred to as Kayo, an alternate reading of the kanji in her name. Her closest friend is Rin, who is her childhood friend. She has an extreme fondness for rice and eating in general, and is a shy person at heart. Prior to joining μ's, she had poor self-esteem and was prone giving up easily. She has dreamed about being an idol since she was little and her catchphrase is, "Somebody, please help me!" or a variation depending on the media. She later becomes the president of the Idol Research Club.

Size S M L
Bust 86cm 92cm 97cm
Waist 67.5cm 71.5cm 75.5cm