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LOL Star Guardian Jinx Cosplay Prop

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LOL Star Guardian Jinx Cosplay Prop

Brand: Rolecos

Included: prop

Material: mixed material

Color: White

Net Weight: 0.12kg

Shipping Weight: 0.50kg

Game: LOL

Character: Jinx

Features: This cosplay prop will make your whole look more complete.

Character Introduction: Jinx is alive in order to reckless raging around behind her, leaving only the confusion and panic. She is a fierce and cruel criminal contempt for all her just because she will be boring, she thinks the most boring place: Peart Wolf, raging in joy with her brand and to cause confusion. She carried in her arsenal of deadly toys, triggered the most shining and loud explosions, this is to cause shock and pay attention to the hapless authorities. Jinx can always go unpunished, her favorite game is teasing City Police -- especially Wei.