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Hiiro no Kakera Takuma Onizaki 30cm Short Wine Cosplay Hair Wigs


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Hiiro no Kakera Takuma Onizaki 30cm Short Wine Cosplay Hair Wigs

Anime/Game/Movie:Hiiro no Kakera

Character: Takuma Onizaki


Wig Material:Heat Resistant Fiber

Category:anime wig

Wig Type:Short

Wig Length:30cm/11.81inch


Net Weight:0.14kg

Shipping Weight:0.25kg

Features:It is a popular and charming wig, feeling like a glamourous super star with our newest wig.

Character Introduction: Takuma Onizaki is the male lead character in the series and the first of the Guardians to meet Tamaki. Takuma does not accept her at first, and shows a cold attitude towards her. He later finds out they are to be classmates. Although he is annoyed with Tamaki at first, he grows to accept her, and even falls in love with her. He has powerful strength, and finds out he is the descendant of the oni, whose power is very hard to control, especially when near the sealed magical sword Onikirimaru. At times, the power inside of him starts to take over, but he becomes himself again when Tamaki is with him. His hobby is doing crosswords and he likes eating taiyaki. It is revealed that he is actually the reincarnation of the Underworld God, and was Tamaki's lover in their past life.

Care Instructions: It is recommended to fluff and run fingers through wig to get out loose fibers before wearing. Teasing it can create a cute fluffy style. Bangs may need to be trimmed to suit your own face.. Wig net has two elastic belts built in to shorten the circumference if necessary. Fibers are heat resistant, but we don't recommend heat styling unless you have previous experience or professional help. Temperature range is 250-300°F (120-150°C) for hot irons, 160-175°F (70-80°C) for hot water.

Tips: *Please be aware that colors might look slightly different in person due to camera quality and monitor settings. Stock photos are taken in natural light with no flash. *Please be aware that the short curled styles are kind of thin in the back due to the short curls. They definitely need to be fluffed before wearing, especially for lighter colors. The tracks risk showing through if not fluffed up enough~*


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Hiiro no Kakera Takuma Onizaki 30cm Short Wine Cosplay Hair Wigs

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