How to Wash Your Wigs?

Almost Everybody except little kids knows how to wash your hair, but do you know how to wash the wig rightly? Washing wigs is a key part of keeping our wigs, but there are many different between human hair and wigs. Thus, it is important to know the points of washing wigs. Most of people who have wigs may have the problem that have no idea on how to wash the wigs, someone even clean the wig in the washing machine. It’s totally wrong! So how to wash your fashion wigs in correct way? Next we will offer u some secret of washing wigs.

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  • Wash the wig in Heated water, when wash your wig, put your wig in heated water to soak for about five minutes. But if the water is too hot,wig will be hurt. So the temperature of water is about 15 to 30 degree.
  • Keep in mind that no washing wigs in washing machine! The strong rotation of washing machine make the wig look terrible.
  • The Shampoo u use to wash wigs should be soft, and scrub the wig with you hand softly, wig’s color may change if you scrub strongly.
  • After washing the wigs, drying washing machine can not be used, nor can the hair or dried in the sun, with a dry absorbent towel to dry naturally is the most correct approach.
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Then, do you know the right way to wash wig? By the way, if you do not have a wig but wanna buy some wigs for wearing, u can contact us or click the website: to find what you want.