“Wait, you’re a dude? Meh, marry me anyway.” New male princess stealing hearts in China

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We’re starting to think there might be something in the water over in China. Just a few days ago, we stumbled upon one of the most stunning actually-I’m-a-guy girls on the internet, and now a new model is stealing hearts all over the country. And yes, once again, this Asian princess is in fact a pretty prince in makeup.

Even so, it would seem that many Chinese netizens are now reaching the point where they’re starting to think, “To heck with it, he’s still gorgeous,” and would be proud to make this young man their wife.

In the age of the selfie, it’s not unusual to find hundreds of shots on social networks of beautifully made-up young women striking their best duck-face, octopus-cheeks or emo “I’m not even looking at you” poses, with or without the help of a few flattering filters. We, of course, only get to see the best shot they take (the ones where they look a bit pudgy or are caught mid-blink and like they’re having a seizure are swiftly disposed of), but usually the subject looks pretty good no matter the quality of the goods they’re working with.

Even so, some stars shine a little brighter than others in the dark depths of the social network abyss, and one 21-year-old beauty known as Xiao Can recently became the subject of tremendous adoration on online message boards in China, after one netizen shared a photo of what he described as “a peerless beauty“.

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We wouldn’t go so far as to say that her beauty could never be matched (have you seenMr. Sato in a wig?), but there’s no denying that this is one gorgeous young lady.

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Except, hold on a second…

After checking out Xiao Can’s personal blog and reading a little more about her, it soon becomes clear that “she” is in fact a “he”.


There were still a number of men who after learning this struggled to comprehend that this princess could be anything less than the woman of their dreams. But after watching a couple of videos showing the model’s performances on numerous talent shows – during which she is openly asked, “Are you really a guy?” – it would appear that, yes, this peerless beauty really is just a tremendously pretty dude.


Naturally, there are plenty of women out there who, doing their very best with what they have, are decidedly irked by Xiao Can’s feminine good looks. But there are also hundreds of female net users who are already firm fans, begging to know his secrets.

And while some men were evidently shocked and a little grossed out that they could have fallen for another guy (welcome to the 21st century, chaps!), there are some who looked beyond Xiao Can’s gender, saying that they’d happily give up on women if men this pretty exist, with one man even commenting, “I don’t care if you’re a guy, marry me!”

Images via: Sina Weibo @小燦1991