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Top 6 Strongest Bleach Characters

Today we’ll going to make Top 6 that could create tension and arguments! Who are the strongest characters in Bleach? Hard choice, isn’t it? There are so many powerful characters and supposed-to-be powerful characters that didn’t show all their skills. Of course, I will focus only on the anime, therefore let’s not talk about Juha Bach for example! Another important point, I only chose characters from whom we got at least a clear preview of their power. Many characters are supposed to be very powerful but we have no idea about their skills which was an issue to place them accurately. I will come back to them in the conclusion.
So, let’s start this Top 6 and create a huge debate!
1. Kurosaki Ichigo

Top 6 Strongest Bleach Characters
The number one spot had to be Ichigo. He hasn’t always been the strongest, most of the times being inconsistent. But his evolution along the anime is just surreal. Well, he is the main protagonist so he had to improve like that.
Then, many people will complain or say that he actually didn’t defeat Aizen, and without Urahara’s seal, he would have been killed after losing his Shinigami powers. Well yeah, it was presented like that for the show but let’s think about it a bit: even without his Final Getsuga Tenshou, he didn’t seem to feel any difficulty when fighting against Aizen in his most powerful form.

Top 6 Strongest Bleach Characters
Moreover, Aizen couldn’t even feel Ichigo’s reiatsu, which means that he was on another level of power even before his last Getsuga Tenshou. In my opinion, even without his final form, Ichigo deserves the title of Bleach’s strongest character.
2. Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto
What would be a Top 6 Strongest Bleach characters article without the Captain-Commander on the podium? This guy is just a monster, obviously the strongest captain of the Gotei 13 with his Zanpakutou Ryuujin Jakka, the strongest fire-element blade. Even fighting against Wonderweiss, who was specifically modified to seal his flames, he defeated him with great ease and only with his hands.

Top 6 Strongest Bleach Characters
Yamamoto has been the most powerful Shinigami for more than a thousand years and if it weren’t for Aizen and Ichigo’s last forms, he would clearly be number 1 of this top list.
3. Urahara Kisuke

Top 6 Strongest Bleach Characters
This character is awesome, don’t you think? Former captain of the 12th Division, founder of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, creator of the Hougyoku… His intellect is way higher than the average and uses it perfectly to plan complex strategy to defeat his opponents.
4. Ichimaru Gin
One of the most enigmatic character in Bleach. You never really know what he is thinking and his behaviour is so annoying (at least it annoyed me!). This guy opens his eyes only when he is really serious, otherwise he always seems like he’s laughing around or mocking people.

Top 6 Strongest Bleach Characters
However, Gin still remains a very strong character, famous in the Soul Society for being a young prodigy much like Hitsugaya. He appears as highly manipulative and deceptive, even managing to trick Aizen over a hundred years until he could finally get his revenge on him. Although his Zanpakutou doesn’t look so strong in its Shikai form, its Bankai is a totally different story!
5. Cifer Ulquiorra
Ulquiorra is the number 4 Espada and the one that impressed me the most. He not only has a lot of class but is also very powerful, stays calm in any situation, and possess great analytical skills as well. Ulquiorra is the only Espada who has a second form after releasing his Zanpakutou, which he calls “Resurrección: Segunda Etapa”. Not even Aizen knew about it (that fact could have most certainly changed his rank in the Espada).

Top 6 Strongest Bleach Characters
This form makes him probably the most powerful of the Espada, completely overwhelming Ichigo and basically killing him until his inside hollow took full possession of his body. In this form he can also regenerate any of his body parts as long as his vital organs aren’t damaged.
6. Kuchiki Byakuya

Top 6 Strongest Bleach Characters
Byakuya is the most powerful member and current head of the Kuchiki noble clan history. He is a recurrent character from whom we have seen many fights that demonstrate his great skills. Like Hitsugaya, he is an expert tactician, often using both Kido, and his Zanpakutou’s abilities allow him to overwhelm his enemies. Even when severely damaged, Byakuya is able to perform his shunpo as if he was not injured.

Top 6 Strongest Bleach Characters

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