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Top 4 Amazing Wonder Woman Cosplay

Wonder Woman is such an icon in the cosplay community and with good reason. In between her massive arsenal of “official” costumes, the fan art, and original designs there is no wrong way to make Diana your own. Variety is one of the things that makes her so beautiful so meet 11 more of my favorite artists in today’s feature. They’re Wonder-ful!

This is Belle Bredehoft’s Crazy Cosplay and I find something new every time I visit her Facebook page. Her albums are so much fun! See that stag detailing on her belt? So gorgeous. Go for her Wonder Woman and stay for her wips and new photo shoots.
Gina B. Cosplay stands out as Wonder Woman and it isn’t just her Justice League: War design. She’s an amazing artist with a varied and colorful portfolio and she really takes time to engage her fans. This warm and funny cosplayer can often be seen commenting back to them on her Facebook page!
Photographer: Duoshot
Edit: Erik Paredes Photography

Top 4 Amazing Wonder Woman Cosplay
I seem to slowly be working my way through BevanMania’s portfolio. It’s not my fault, the work is just that good! Visit for the costuming and then stay for her wicked makeup series!
Photographer: MindFall Media

Top 4 Amazing Wonder Woman Cosplay
FairyPorchQueen Cosplay is classic Wonder Woman perfection. She’s absolutely flawless! Each costume in her portfolio falls under her amazing eye for detail so it’s worth it to visit a few albums when you drop by. I did, and you will be seeing her in my archives again soon!
Photographer: Darren Rowley Photography

Red Son Wonder Woman! This is Allycat Alisha and I think she looks amazing. I love the idea of a dress and the muted colors and black eagle work so well. She has multiple photos of this costume on her Facebook page and I highly recommend checking them out!
Photographer: Templar Digital



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