Top 12 Creative Food for Halloween – You Can’t Miss!

It’s never too early to start planning for the best holiday of the year, right? We’ve already shown you how to make chillingly creepy cosplay and a slew of Halloween costumes, whether you want to go as Groot or an emoji. Now it’s time to think about the most important part of any good Halloween party: the food. If you need inspiration for some spookily tasty Halloween hors d’oeuvres, just read on.

Top NO.1 Hot Dog Mummies
Pigs in a blanket rule. Even better than pigs in a blanket? Hot dog mummies, which are basically the same thing, only with the crescent/puff pastry dough more artistically applied.

Top NO.2 Finger Foods, Anyone?
There’s nothing like nibbling on an assortment of appetizers that look like dismembered phlanges. You can make yours out of pretzel rods dipped in green chocolate so they look like witches’ fingers (complete with an almond for a nail).
There are also these fingers, made from shortbread cookies, cherry jam, and almonds, which are almost too realistic for me.

Top NO.3 Meat Head
You can’t just serve up a platter of cold cuts at a Halloween party. You definitely have to go the extra mile and serve a creepy skinned head version (especially when it’s really not hard to assemble). Another version can be found here.

Top NO.4 Spiderweb Pizza

Top NO.5 Cupcakes


leftover halloween candy

Cup cakes yummy
Top NO.6 Carrot Pumpkin

Top NO.7 Halloween fruit ideas

halloween food ideas
Top NO.8 Halloween Plate designs

halloween plates  design
Top NO.9 Halloween cookies design

Top NO.10 Halloween Candies

Top NO.11 Halloween food idea

Top NO.12 Halloween doughnut

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