Top 10 Most Ingenious Attack On Titan Cosplay Works

Among the great works of Attack On Titan Cosplay, these ten might be the most ingenious.

Yuki Goddess a professional cosplayer in Thailand with an impressive portfolio of Attack on Titan cosplay works.

Here’s a particularly clever one.

Here’s one of the most ingenious, original costumes that you could ever seen.

Drabblemeister uses a hoop skirt to show Carla Jaeger being eaten by a titan.

Here’s a very young Captain Levi of the Survey Corps. 

He’s not out of diapers yet, but this toddler is ready to defend humanity. His father, TOMY_papa, made the costume.

It’s Christmas time at the Survey Corps’ headquarters.

Everyone got into the spirit of the season at a cosplay shoot in northern California last year. You know it’s rare to see such a warm scene in the anime.

Later, the eccentric Hange Zoë and the stern Captain Levi were able to share a more intimate, romantic Christmas evening between just the two of them.

Pro cosplayer Alien Orihara shot this great scene.

Bruce Carr, a balloon artist, made a 10-foot tall costume of the colossal titan using balloons.

That humanity will have a big chance to prevail, as the titan absolutely has more vunerable spots than just the back of his neck.

The Sailor Scouts will be invincible now that Sailor Colossal Titan is on their side. Or he’ll kill them all.

It’ll be one of those two outcomes with this costume by Sora Kitsune Cosplay.

Rilakkuma is adorable and sweet and will cut you in two if he thinks you will slow him down on a mission.

Photographer EriTesPhoto spotted him with the 3d maneuver gear in Attack on Titan and swords of a human soldier.

Even the dogs are getting into the action.

Here’s a pomeranian that has enlisted and completed training. Man’s best friend is ready to go beyond the walls.

To attend a cosplay for a anime event in the town, Nani-chan spent 3 days outfiting her pug with picture-perfect duplicates of the uniform and combat gear that humans use.

Let’s just hope that he can keep up while on the run.