The Top 10 Favorite Harley Quinn Cosplay Girls!


As many of you know by now, I am very seriously, madly in love with Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzell, aka Harley Quinn. I have her tattoo, her comics, and in my mind, her heart. So with that said, it’s a no brainer that I present to you all now, my Top 10 Favorite Harley Quinn Cosplay photos. And don’t you go falling in love with my Harley!

10 – “Pin-up Doll” Harley Quinn

If Harley Quinn were on a calender, two things would be for sure. One, she’d be in every Auto Shop Garage from here to Gotham City and two, she’d be Miss July, cause everyone knows, July’s sign is the Gemini and them Gemini chicks are crazy!!!!!



9 – “Suicide Girl” Harley Quinn

Okay. So Harley Quinn is attempting suicide here. To be honest, I don’t think she’d go through with it, but I do think she’d do this to dominate more of my attention away from my Comic Books and my son Angel. Obviously, i love Harley so much that at least one of the two would have to go. Hmmm… sorry, son, but when your chick is this hot (and Crazy) then certain things have to be done. I bet the sex would be hot though.



8 – “Slave Leia” Harley Quinn

One thing my perfect Harley Quinn Soul mate would need to love (besides me) is Star Wars. Yes, I said Star Wars! My Harley Quinn dressed up as Slave Leia (Doesn’t have to be for my birthday… any day is good) would be the best thing a Girlfriend/Wife could do for a geeky guy like myself. And I won’t be like Ross Gellar. I won’t picture Mrs. Gellar as Slave Leia. No. I’d be picturing my Harley Quinn as Slave Leia .



7 – “Beach Wear” Barbie Harley Quinn

When i was a kid I played with Star War toys, He-Man toys, or GI Joes, but I swear to Odin, if Mattel put out a “Beach Wear” Barbie like this, I would have had at least one barbie in my collection. Now to shed some pounds, track down the beach this photo shoot was taken, and court my Harley Quinn!



6 – “Playboy Bunny” Harley Quinn

I don’t need former playboy models like Carmen Elektra, Pamela Anderson, or Marilyn Monroe when I have the best bunny of my own, Harley Quinn. Trust me, if my Harley posed in Playboy, that would end up being the best selling issue of all time — and also have the stickiest pages of all time.

_wsb_496x766_Harley+PB+Cover 140120_gdestefano_arkhambunnies_0624-edit

Harley Quinn Catwoman ala Playboy Bunnies


Photo by Rick Basaldua.

5 – “The Walking Dead” Harley Quinn

Now this is bad ass. In a post apocalyptic world run amok with Zombies, Harley Quinn (Michonne style) chops off the arms (And jaws) of Bat-Man and Robin and leads them around in chains to ward of other zombies. Wow. Robert Kirkman, throw Harley in an issue or two of the Walking Dead, cause she would fit right in! Crazy chick! I love her.



4 – “Best Friend” Harley Quinn

If Harley were my girl, I’d want her to know that I was not the type of boyfriend who wanted her to stop hanging out with her friends. No, I’d encourage it. I’d tell Harley to invite her friends over for as many sleepovers as they wanted and well… if something were to happen… like a good old fashion Triple Threat Match or something then well.. then what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t support her. So to Harley and her best friend Ivy, I’m a HUGE supporter of your friendship!


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3 – Classic Harley Quinn

Ooh. For those of you in lo9ng love affairs, chances are that the love of your life no longer looks the way she did when you first met. Sometimes that’s bad, but with Harley, that has worked out just fine. While I love her “Psycho” Jester outfit, I love her closet full of sexy outfits a little more. Different outfit, but same old crazy Bitch!


post-20917-Harley-Quinn-cosplay-NBl2 why_so_serious__by_acherry666-d6s65j8


2 – “Christmas Time’ Harley Quinn

What’s my favorite time of the year? Christmas! And who’s my favorite Psycho Chick? Harley Quinn! So you add those two things together and you have me singing theChipmunks Song like I was Alvin, Simon, or Theodore. Yes, Harley Quinn at one of my Christmas Family gatherings. Sorry, but someone’s getting a bomb in their stocking!



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1 – “Busty” Harley Quinn

Do you really have to ask yourself why this is my number ONE pick? This would be the Harley Quinn I’d have babies with and never leave at home when I go to Comic Con. This would be the Harley Quinn I’d watch every episode of Pretty Little Liars with and this would be the Harley Quinn that I would let take out my most expensive comics out of it’s BAG & BOARD and READ. yes, READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bottom line, I would give her my soul. And if any of you even gawk at her, I swear to Odin…!!!!!


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Honorable Mentions:

New 52 Harley Quinn


Nurse Harley Quinn


And Cartoon Harley Quinn