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Tokyo Ghoul Tells Us More Than Bloody scenes

People who watched “Tokyo Ghoul” will certainly be impressive with the bloody pictures, cruel plots of it. As one of a couple of “psychological” genre anime of the lineup, Tokyo Ghoul had a lot of us holding our breaths. It’s definitely in need of a sequel… because as it stands, the series is an incomplete piece of work that indulges in unnecessary gore with almost nothing going for it other than as a setup for another season.

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Ken Kaneki is a quiet and reserved bookworm who manages to score a date with a stunningly beautiful girl named Rize Kamishiro, who is also an avid reader. Kaneki treats Rize to dinner, in more ways than he intended. For you see, Rize is a ghoul, a type of humanoid creature that feeds on the flesh of humans. And she’s not just any ghoul, but one of the strongest ghouls around.

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However, Rize’s dinner plans are abruptly ended when several i-beams in the construction site she took Kaneki to fall on top of her. Kaneki wakes up in a hospital bed, but now with some new additions, as parts of Rize’s body were transplanted into him, turning Kaneki into a half-human/half-ghoul. Kaneki must now struggle to survive in a world where both sides hate him. Is Tokyo Ghoul a series that goes bump in the night, or is it afraid of its own shadow?

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The premise of the story is not terrible. With proper development, it’s proven to be an enjoyable plot as the manga is fairly successful. The anime produces a similar success. If anything, Tokyo Ghoul does manage to shake viewers by constantly contrasting disaster with everyday peace. One minute, Kaneki and his friends will be laughing at Cafe Anteiku and in the next he’s being tortured, his arms and legs being ripped off.

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This change of pace seems to be the one thing that works in the anime’s favor. When you get down to it, your enjoyment of Tokyo Ghoul will depend on how much you can deal with seeing gallons of blood, how much the ending affects your overall enjoyment of a series, and especially, if you are a fan of the manga, how much you care about them changing things around.

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Being a 13 episode series, there isn’t too much time, necessitating every minute be used to the fullest extent, and with a story like Tokyo Ghoul, this cramming synergizes naturally with the swinging atmosphere. It also serves to shock the viewers to keep them from realizing that a very key factor is missing. It seems that Tokyo Ghoul tells readers negative thoughts, it actually is the reflection of the reality, people don’t care each other and show less patient to things or people besides them.

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