The Truth of the Giants — “Attack on Titan”


Several years ago, humans discovered the great ape family and the aristocracy leaders want to use them as the tool of military by extracting their DNA as test, after years of research, they finally developed into a giant virus serum, while which was immature with very lower success rate and worst side effects, the results of the tests were a large number of failures resulting products, which are giant.

Without knowing the reasons, the variation of the serum produced transmissible virus, then a large number of giant were born, while Ani is one of the successful control of their virus giant. The protagonist’s father developed mature giant serum and injected to the protagonist, and this was the reason Ani want to seize the protagonist. As for the wisdom of the great apes man, it was the giant family purebred evolution after they seemed to be very interested in human invention, it was estimated to develop into a fight with the great apes later.

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