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The Misunderstanding of Cosplay

Cosplay has been rapidly developed around the world and it has inextricably links with the hopes to promote the development of this cultural form of the industry, therefore nowadays most of the cosplay activities have extremely significant business features and get anime and game manufacturers respected, which also have great connection with governments’ idea to advocate the development of cultural industries, inseparable communication of the development of new economic growth point.

In recent years, cosplay in many countries have a certain degree of scale and rapidly growing up. In addition to the rise of its own cultural characteristics, the psychological needs of contemporary youth groups is another important thing we need to concern, but also stimulating the derivative commodity cosplay consumer behaviors, which is essential to promote the anime industry.

However, news reports about cosplay is “dependent” in the commercial activity, which is a totally description of cosplay has become a weapon to promote business opportunities, but it makes the public misunderstood cosplay’s meaning for young people. Due to insufficient awareness of the general public can not be in-depth understanding, cosplay will be more likely to be regarded as a breach of the public order system, and is placed in the position of cultural marginalization, which is the point we should avoid.