The Best Super Sonico Cosplays

Super Sonico is a fictional female character created by Tsuji Santa for the Japanese computer and video game software company Nitroplus. Nitroplus has since developed the character into a media franchise that includes music products, manga series, computer and video games, toy figurines and other merchandise.

The Best Super Sonico Cosplays
Sonico appears in the various media as an eighteen year-old college student. She is depicted as an attractive, busty and voluptuous young adult woman with large brown eyes and straight light pink hair. She keeps her hair long in back and in the front it covers her forehead, around her eyes, down to the bridge of her nose. She is always shown wearing her signature headphones on her head. Her depictions show much variation in her facial features and body proportions between the different artists, while always keeping her trademark traits; headphones, pink hair color and large bust.

The Best Super Sonico Cosplays
She also appears as a gravure idol as well as the vocalist and guitarist of the fictional band First Astronomical Velocity. She is prone to sleep in a lot, often requiring help to wake up, and her favorite foods are macarons.

The Best Super Sonico Cosplays
Super Sonico is ready for your cosplay activity! She’s wearing a sweet white bikini trimmed with the tiniest ruffles and red bows imaginable, and there’s a cheerful holiday bell dangling from her top! In addition, an extra interchangeable head allows you to display her wearing her festive red-and-white hood, or not. She’s about 13cm tall in her seated pose, and she comes with a heart-shaped base.

The Best Super Sonico CosplaysThe Best Super Sonico CosplaysThe Best Super Sonico Cosplays

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