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Sword Art Online Mania


Sword Art Online began life as a Japanese novel series in 2009 and was created by the genius Reki Kawahara.  The world of Sword Art Online takes place in the near future and actually focuses on a game.  Not any game but a virtual reality MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing game).

To date the world of Sword Art Online has been expanded through eight manga novels, a television series produced and released between July and December of 2012.  In December of 2013 A-1 pictures released an Extra Edition episode and then a season two in 2014.


Manga Cover

The world of the game has spawned three video games based on Sword Art Online.  One for the Playstation Portable, one for the Playstation Vita, and then one for Playstation 4.


The title screen for one of the games

Coming in 2017 the fans of Sword Art Online will get to see a full length animated feature film titled “Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale”.  It will feature an original storyline by the creator, Reki Kawahara.

With so many popular reviews of the series it is no wonder that the world of Sword Art Online has sold over 16 million copies worldwide.  Fans live from Japan, United States of America, to the United Kingdoms.

So What Is Sword Art Online?

In the year 2022, the massively successful virtual reality game is called, Sword Art Online, I know extremely creative.  The users uses something called a  NerveGear, It is a helmet that stimulates their five senses by interacting with the brains.  The players become able to control their in-game characters using their minds.  On November 6, 2022; 10,000 players log into the game and discover that they cannot log out.  The 10,000 players become trapped in the Sword Art Online mainframe cyberspace.  The creator of the game is Akihiko Kayaba, he created not only the game but also the NerveGear required to play the game.  The players find out from Akihiko that if they want to be free then they must travel to the 100th floor of the game’s castle and defeat the final boss.  Unfortunately if the player dies in the game then they die in real life.


The story focuses on one of 1,000 beta testers, Kazuto “Kirito” Krigaya.  He has an edge on many of the other players because he has previous virtual reality experience.  Due to his natural desire to protect others he isolates himself from the majority of the other players and gains the mantle “Beater” or “Beta Cheater”.  Through his solitary travels he becomes friends with Asuna Yuki.  The pair eventually discovers the identity of Kayaba’s program, Heathcliff.  The two eventually get married in the game.  The two also discover the overall goal of the games creator.


Who is Kirito?

He is the main protagonist of the Sword Art Online series.  Kirito is no one to be good with words and is often found to be very direct and to the point.  As the series progressions we discover that he has not had very many friends and closes himself off from others.  His interactions are often short and many consider him rude.  Kirito does suffer from flaws as all people do, he sometimes enjoys angering others and can be prideful.  As we follow him we and get to experience the things he goes through we find out why he is the way that he is.  He also goes by the name “The Black Swordsman” due his black clothing and his choice to use two swords.

Cosplay Kirito

When it comes to Kirito cosplay, the are several different directions to go.

You can use real world self where he has longer hair about ear length and a preference towards darker clothing.

If you go with his Sword Art Online avatar, then you will need a black wig, black V-necked shirt, a black trench coat, black pants, and boots with silver buckles.  You will also need two swords.


You could also go with his red and white uniform from the Knights of the Blood, after he is forced to join their ranks once he is defeated by their leader, Heathcliff.


You can also go with either his ALfheim Online avatar, where he sports black spiky hair, with large eyes, and dark grey blue wings.  He uses a large broadsword in this world.


You could also go with his Gun Gale Online avatar which is a very feminine appearance with a long black hair, in this world he uses a handgun.


Who is Asuna?

Asuna is the female protagonist in the world of Sword Art Online, starring opposite of Kirito.  She is the daughter of the Chief Executive Officer if RECT Incorporated.  She was one of the players that signed on to the mainframe of Sword Art Online.  She didn’t really care about dying in the game before she met Kirito.  She begins following Kirito and listening to him throughout the series.  She begins the game with a carefree attitude but become more of a serious player as the game continues.  She is a strong female lead and has no problem becoming physical when the situation calls for it.  Unfortunately she can be controlled and manipulated using her emotions.


Cosplay Asuna

When it comes to cosplaying Asuna, you need long brownish almost a chestnut colored hair style.  In the beginning of Sword Art Online she wears a dark red tunic with a copper chest plate and brown leather pants.


After she joins the Knight of the Blood, she dons a red and white uniform that all members of the sect wear.  She wields a rapier that was made by Lisbeth and is called “Lambent Light”.

Asuna follows Kirito to ALfheim Online and her avatar is that of a Fairy Queen, Titania. She wears a white outfit with a long white skirt with a tube top that shows her belly.  She has a red ribbon that wraps around the topmost part of her top.


After she leaves the game and comes back, she creates a new avatar, Undine.  This time around for cosplay reasons, she sports a light blue hair and her appearance is very similar to that of her Sword Art Online avatar.  Her nickname during this time is “Berserk Healer” due to the fact that she functions as a healer but likes to enter combat using a rapier.

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