Super Super Cute Wig from RoleCosplay

What style and color of wigs do you like?

Long or short, straight or curly, pink or black.

Now our partner would like to introduce and recommend a super cute curly wig.

It is very lovely. How do you think about it?

Long Curly Multi Color Cosplay Girls Wigs


Wig Description
Color: Blonde/ pink
Lenght: 68 cm/ 26.77 inch

Our parter said that I communicated with the store writing e-mails. They are always really polite and they reply as soon as possible.

-Package care-
The product came inside a big plastic bag which was easily opened using a pair of scissors. The wig was kept into a smaller plastic bag and it was in perfect conditions.

the shipping, as always, was very fast, I got my wig in two weeks, which is a really short time. The seller always gives you the tracking number so you can check where your item is whenever you want.

The quality is good, the wig and the ponytails are really thick and voluminous. It’s very easy to style, it’s so soft and it doesn’t tangle easily. The only problem is that it doesn’t look very natural, unlike the brown one, but it depends on the color. It’s still a good wig and I really like how it looks.

My vote for this wig is: 4/5 
I recommend this wig if you want a colourful and fun look!
If you want any other wig here’s the link of the shop where you can find all of their shop:

-Cosplay show-


Source: @Cherry Blews cosplay