Stunning One Piece cosplay compilation will make you fall in love with the series once again


There are many reasons why One Piece is such a popular series: the characters are strong personalities yet complement one another, and the battles are breathtakingly exciting. Above all, the story itself is a tear-jerking tale of friendship and camaraderie.

Because of its popularity (and protagonist Luffy’s simple outfit), you are bound to meet hoards of One Piece cosplayers at any anime convention or cosplay event. With the large collection of One Piece cosplay out there in the wild jungle known as the Internet, someone finally decided to put together this lovely cosplay compilation video complete with melancholic background music and heart-wrenching lines from the anime. Sit down, grab some popcorn, and start looping.

Titled One Piece Cosplay So Good It Will Make You Cry, this compilation consists of cosplays of various characters in top-notch quality. You won’t find random kids wearing sloppy jeans, a red vest and a straw hat claiming that they are Luffy in here. Many of the photos are professional-calibre, and combined with the voice over, it becomes a whole new way to enjoy cosplay.


▼ This Sanji might be a little feminine, but ‘he’ sure is good-looking!


▼ And Nami returns as a swimsuit model!


▼ Who knew Zoro could be this handsome? And that nose, dude!


▼ Even Brook looks a lot cooler than his usual self.


▼ No words are needed…Luffy x Nami


Chopper is a tough character to get just right, so the adorable mascot remains under-cosplayed.


Did the cosplay video bring tears to your eyes as it had promised? Maybe when we suggested grabbing some popcorn, we should have warned you to stock up on tissues, too.