LOL Soul Fighter Gwen Cosplay from RoleCosplay

Hey guys! We have a new cosplay of Gwen from League of Legends. It is a skin from the Soul Fighter series. I will show you some details of the cosplay!

  1. Soul Fighter Gwen

This cosplay has two hats, the hat connected to the costume can be removed and installed using buttons. There are soft wires inside, which makes it easy for you to make it look the way you want. Another separate hat is filled with sponge to make it more three-dimensional.

The cone on the skirt is also filled with sponge, which makes it more three-dimensional and soft, will not cause harm to friends passing by.

The lining of the skirt is also rose red, which is consistent with the color tone of the entire cosplay. The decorations on the belt and ankles are all custom 3D printed props made by us, which restore the skin of Gwen’s Soul Fighter skin in the game. We also add zippers to the back of the skirt and to both sleeves to help make it easier to put on these complex cosplay costume.

In addition to Gwen’s Soul Fighter cosplay, we have also completed many new skins recently launched by League of Legends, such as Soraka and Sona from Immortal Journey, Ahri from the Snow Moon. These costumes are all available on our website now! And we are developing Seraphine’s Crystal Rose cosplay, so let’s stay tuned for the world of League of Legends!


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