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Something you don’t know about cosplay

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When talking about cosplay, we usually think about Japan, actually cosplay was born first in  America. While cosplay we often talk about today was from Japan. We know that Japanese anime cosplay is known all around the world. In Japan, the first cosplay was born in 1955 when cosplay is just a game played by children, but cosplay clothes is required highly. Today’s cosplay includes anime cosplay, game movie, history story and so on. People wear special clothing and dress up to make the role they play live life. love live anime school suit  is popular in Japan. Many anime and game exhibitions were held and a lot of anime and game companies held activities to make people to cosplay the role to attract people.

anime cosplay cotumes

With the development of cosplay, Many people in different counties started cosplay, and all kind cosplay ideas appeared. And the cosplay costumes become varied like naruto cosplay, pirate costume. Halloween’s day is a festival when people like cosplay. That day people dress up to be varied roles to scare others. What’s more, there were even people holding cosplay wedding. Last year a couple who knew each other at a cosplay perform held a cosplay wedding, people attended the wedding also wear all kind of cosplay clothes, which seemed to be a movie. That’s really magic.

cosplay wedding costumes

with the sharp development of cosplay, many business related to cosplay were born, for example, the manufacturers and wholesale business of cosplay wigs, cosplay costumes and cosplay accessories. Besides, many people started building cosplay store to make money. We can say that cosplay offed opportunity for many people to start their business.