Some Tips of Wigs

First,How to pick wigs


        high-temperature resistance fibre                              kanekalon

Reflective the high-temperature resistance fibre doesn't reflect as much as kanekalon

Temperature      180-200℃                                     80℃

Due to price factors,Cos wig is usually made of high-temperature resistance fibre or kanekalon,
but due to kanekalon mixed with P hair,
lead to more higher reflective,and it is not accept high-Temperature,
so we will prefer high-temperature resistance fibre when we choose wigs.
Then about dyeing,neither of them can be dyed.
If you really want to dye your wig,you can consider using the spray paint.

                                              Inner hair
                     Rose wig cap                           Three net cap
Bresthability           High                                            low
Suitable                High                                            low

Rose net mesh design and ear temples design make it breathable and more suitable.So we will prefer rose mesh wig cap when we choose wigs.

                                              Wig scalp
3         Coarsen treatment design                             Smooth design
If you want to make a hair style,you can choose coarsen treatment design wig.
If you want to cosplay the characters with long straigh hair,you can choose smooth design wig.

Second,how to clean the wigs

4 Prepare a pot of warm water(40 degrees).

5 Comb the wig before soaking,then put it in the water.

6 Put some wig cleaning agent.

7 Wash it from top to bottom(Do not rub it too hard).

8 Cleanig two or three times.

9 Use tissue or towel to absorb water.

Just put it naturally fry.
Because the high temperature will do harm to the wig.

Third,how to keep the wigs

10 Use the wig care solution.

11 Use steel comb to comb it.

12 Put a ball of paper inside the wig.

13 Wrap it.

14 Use the paper frame.

15 Put the wigs into the plastic bag.


Have you learned?