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Sister-Control? Which Kind of “Sister” is Your Favorite?

Do you love Anime? Are you a Sister-control? It’s many Otaku’s dream to have a sister who can do everything, today we are going to share nine Kawaii sister characters, now let’s have a look and tell us which kind of sister do you want to have!
1. Ayumi Otosaka (乙坂未步) of Charlotte, Yuu Otosaka’s little sister
Ayumi Otosaka is the kind of sister that can make delicious Pizza and Japanese cuisine for you!

2. Hyuga Hinata of Naruto
Hyuga Hinata is the kind of shy girl that has been said to be the cutest girl in Naruto, easy to blush when speaking with others.

3. Kousaka kirino of Oreimo
Kousaka kirino is the kind of proud sister that can be your good partner to play game.

4. Sakura Kinomoto of Cardcaptors
An extremely energetic and cheerful girl, she is very athletic, being a member of her school’s cheerleading squad and excellent at track-and-field activities.

5. Matou Sakura of Fate/Stay Night
Sakura is outwardly shy, soft-spoken and eager to please, she possesses a great inner strength, be openly stubborn at times and is prone to feeling resentment towards others.

6. Kirigaya Suguha of Sword Art Online
Kirigaya Suguha is the kind of sister that is social and converses easily with others, loves to play games with her brother!

7. Doma Umaru of Himouto! Umaru-chan
Doma Umaru is the kind of sister that is wearing pajamas and eating and addicted to ACG, lives with her brother and rely him, the real kind of soft girl!

8. Nunnally Lamperouge of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Nunnally Lamperouge is the kind of sister that “I need only my brother, nothing but my brother”, is the dream lover for many Otaku!

9. 秋月爱莉(あきつき あいり) of Mad Father
She is a kind of little girl that has all the cute emotions and lovely personality!


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