School Uniform Cosplay

Believe it or not, role playing really adds much fun for your life and is an effective irritant to excite your emotion. Thus, you need to wear a specially made costume to personate your favorite anime or manga character; however, cosplay school uniforms are frequently seen in many cosplay parties and convention. Indeed, this type of cosplay uniforms is adored by many people, especially many girls, and creates a little cute and innocent look. Most of girls choose to wear school-styled cosplay uniforms to bring them back to school life.

Sailor Moon Tomoe Hotaru Cosplay School Uniform
Without doubt, each character of sailor moon has leaved deep impression on us, thus it is popular choice for many girls to imitate. If you consider purple as you favorite color, the costume for tomoe hotaru is perfect choice. The white bodice with purple skirt looks great, and plus oversized bowknots on the front, that is super amazing.

Haruhi Suzumiya Mizuhara School Cosplay Uniform
If you wan to look more girly and add a little feminity, haruhi suzumiya mizuhara school cosplay uniforms feed your desire. With blue V-neck collar with red ribbon tied on the front, white shirt matching blue skirt, all of these look refreshing and charming.

Cardcaptor Sakura Kinomoto School Cosplay Uniforms
Different from other styles of cosplay school uniforms, in naruto manga, sakura kinomoto loves to wear outfits composed of black shirt matching white ruffled skirt, with white necktie. Without too complicated accessories, the sakura kinomoto school cosplay uniform make a simple and natrual contrast with other cosplay school uniforms.

More Trendy and Various School Cosplay Uniforms
Actually, it is your right to wear what you like; the cosplay costumes should be your favorite and show off your personal traits. To complete an appearance that amazingly compliment your characteristic, many clothing manufacturers and designers try to design exquisitely various school cosplay costume, and so many styles are available on today’s market. Some is exquisitely similar to original character in the manga or anime; however, others are creative and trendy without the basic feature of a certain anime role’s outfits.

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