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#RoleCosplayKNY Demon Slayer Cosplay Photos Sharing

Recently we have seen many amazing Demon Slayer photos with RoleCosplay cosplay. We want to share those amazing photos to our followers and customers. If you already have our Demon Slayer cosplay, you can share it, you may have chance to get reward and be our Facebook cover.

Post in Facebook:

Post in Instagram:

#RoleCosplayKNY - Demon Slayer Cosplay Photos Sharing|RoleCosplay (2)

  1. Reqiurements.

The photos should be Demon Slayer cosplay photos.

The costume and wig should be from RoleCosplay.

  1. How to do.

Sharing your photos in Instagram or Facebook.

  • Photos sharing in Instagram.

Follow @rolecosplaycostume, share your photos with tag #RoleCosplayKNY and @rolecosplaycostume.

  • Photos sharing in Facebook.

Follow Rolecosplay, share your photos with tag #RoleCosplayKNY and mention Rolecosplay.

  1. How long it will keep.

You can share your photos before Dec. 1st.

  1. How to choose the winners.

We will choose 10 photos in the beginning of December, the winners will be chosen by voting.

 5. Rewards.

  • Reward for photos sharing.

First 5 winner will be our Facebook cover and others will be our Facebook Group cover.

No. 1 will get refund of the cosplay he/she shares. (The order should be placed on

No. 2 and No. 3 will get $15 Gift Card each.

No. 4 and No. 5 will get $10 Gift Card each.

No. 6 – No. 10 will get 500 points each.

  • Other rewards.

Who follow our rules to share the photos can get 200 points. BUT an account shares the same cosplay photos that’s only counted as once.

 6. Contacting.




#RoleCosplayKNY - Demon Slayer Cosplay Photos Sharing|RoleCosplay (1)

BTW, if you have already shared the photo with tag #RoleCosplayKNY in Instagram or Rolecosplay Member Club after Oct. 26th. You have joined.

If you have any questions, you can contact us.