Rolecosplay Review: Sora Kasugano Wig

Hello people! As you can see from the heading, this is going to be a wig review! Before I head on to this review, I’m going to introduce you this amazing cosplay store! It’s actually @rolecosplay! They sell a HUGE variety of cosplay costumes and wigs as well! And it is fairly well priced too (A.K.A Affordable! Inexpensive! You name it!). Despite the price, you need not worry about the quality! It’s actually fantastic! Want an evidence of EVERYTHING I said? Stay tuned and keep reading my review!

wig review

They actually sent me a Kasugano Sora wig which was absolutely fantastic! It’s so smooth! It’s also a synthetic wig and it’s heat resistant too. This would mean that you are free to style this wig as you please if you want to reuse it for any other purposes! This wig is also versatile as you don’t have to use it solely for Sora only. You can also use it on characters such as Marie Rose from Dead or Alive or Frau Koujiro from Robotics;Notes and maybe even Nanami from Mermaid Melody!


This wig is also comfortable! It’s not crazy tight but it’s tight enough for your wig to stay without giving you a headache (trust me, my head is huge like a bobble head doll). Now this wig sounds totally high quality am I right?

Worried about the price though? Fret not! If you actually take a look at the item in RoleCosplay’s site, you can see that this item is cheaply priced! It’s $10.52! 10.52!!! How cheap is that? For a wig of high quality, it’s so amazingly inexpensive! You can try purchasing a wig of this quality from any other cosplay sites or stores but are they as affordable as this? I did a research on it a bit and this site is cheaper by a thousandfold. I’m not even kidding. Try looking at Ebay! There may be a place that could be as cheap though such as taobao. But if you actually buy from taobao, it takes so long!


RoleCosplay actually sent my wig out within a day and I got it a few days after (about a week or less). So if you have any emergency cosplay rush like a con coming within a couple of weeks, you can actually get it real quick.


This wig quality is top notch. Hella smooth and versatile.

This wig is so affordable.

If you are in need of a wig real quick, RoleCosplay ships it as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Overall, RoleCosplay and this wig is 10/10

Go give this site a try! You can visit RoleCosplay for anything like costumes and wigs!