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Rolecosplay: Umaru & Chi wig

Heey guuys! Long time, long time! :3
But now I’m back, with another great store with great wigs & cosplays!! Let’s go for Rolecosplay! >///<
The shipping only took about 3 weeks, and this is super fast for someone like me living in Germany! Also, everything was safe packaged. :3

Yaaay; Umaru Power ftw! This wig seems pretty nice for Umaru, so I thought this is the perfect one. The colors are just as on the product image and the quality is super awesome!! The price is very low, so you’re definitely making a good purchase with this wig.
It’s super easy to style and comfortable to wear. The wig is 90cm long & the color is Mixed Milk and Orange! (Sounds delicious )
Rolecosplay: Umaru & Chi wigimage
Chiii~? :3
Whoa, now this is a damn long wig, and it’s so super fluffy AND 100cm long!
I can’t handle long wigs XD They are like “I’m gonna eat you, because, well, I can” the whole hair is gonna eat you up, because it’s so much! This wig got a lot of hair and the color is a light blonde, just like Chis hair is!
The price is super fair, for that extremely fluffy and long wig! Also, it’s easy to cut (you have to cut the bangs fitting to your face)

Rolecosplay: Umaru & Chi wigimage
Don’t be afraid buying at Rolecosplay, because their quality and amount of products are super, super awesome!!  (View more from: