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RoleCosplay Swimsuit 50% Flash Sale

A swimsuit or bikini is essential for a summer beach trip. Are you ready to wear a different suit this summer? Original design fanart swimsuits from RoleCosplay are now available for 50% off Flash Sale, as low as $8.99! Come to add cosplay color for your summer!

* Our swimsuits are made of regular swimsuit fabric and can be used for swimming.

1. Hot Selling Series

Cute little shark Gura, mysterious sexy 2b, and elegant butterfly Shinobu Lady, with these popular role elements of the swimsuit has always been our best seller! Go to our website and find out if there are any characters you like!

2. Genshin Impact Series

Genshin Impact 4.0 Fontaine version will take us into an underwater world, in real life, you can wear with Genshin Impact character elements swimming in the sea!

Which character would you like to cosplay for an amazing summer beach trip? Is it Kokomi who likes to dive in the sea, or Yae Miko who doesn’t like her tail wet by the rain?

3. Children’s Swimsuit Series

In addition to the beautiful swimsuits for adults, we also provide three lovely swimsuits for children. They were inspired by Kirby, Genshin Impact’s Klee, and Kanna of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. What a cool thing it is to play with kids in anime or game swimsuits on the beach in the ocean!

Of all the original swimsuit designs that have come out of character, which one did we miss? If you’d like to wear a character’s element swimsuit, feel free to comment or DM our Instagram account to nominate your favorite character, and we’ll pass on your invaluable advice to our designers. Make the cosplayers’ swimsuit world more colorful!


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