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Rolecosplay Review For Diabolik Lovers Costume And Wig

Guys,  taking a break from Tracer spam (It’s controlling my life but so worth it) To tell you about this amazing costume and wig I received. Full disclaimer I received this cosplay and wig through my sponsorship with under condition of my unbiased and honest feelings of their products. Everything below is my honest opinion and feelings of these products and this company.


This is the Ayato Sakamaki costume and wig from This is a character who has been on my list for about a year now and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of these items.

First, I very rarely order character specific wigs. I find most times the quality isn’t there and tend to shoot for higher-end brands. This however is probably the best character wig I’ve ever ordered. It required barely any styling or trimming (Only trimming was of the front middle section of the bang) and after teasing it a little to thicken it is absolutely perfect. 5/5


For the rest of the costume which includes the belt, pants, white button up, ribbon and blazer everything was of great quality. One of the reasons I never wear my Rin Okumura blazer is that it simply does not fit me well, this one however nicely fits my form it also helps that this character’s belt helps with keeping everything slimly fit. The belt was definitely high end and not cheap. It’s a fully functional belt. The ribbon and pants are both good quality fabric and not really much to talk about there.

As for sizing, I’m 5’9 and 140lbs. I ordered a size L. This is asian sizing so remember you’ll likely have to order a size or 2 larger than normal. They include a size chart on their website. I would give the costume a 5/5 as well. I honestly can’t think of anything that was missing.

This was my first experience ordering from rolecosplay and based off the experience I would highly recommend them especially if you’re looking for this or any other Diabolik Lover’s costume and wig. The items were priced a lot cheaper than I’ve seen on a lot of sites and the quality was definitely there.