RoleCosplay Pre 11.11 & Member’s Day

It’s time near to 11.11, we plan to make special shopping for our customers, and hope our customers will enjoy shopping on our store.

During 11.11 & Member’s Day, the normal event will be 20% off on RoleCosplay Cosplay Store.. But if you place an pre-11.11 order, you will will enjoy more concessions.

11.11 & Member’s Day will be from November 8th to November 12th.

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Pay $1 to get $5 Gift Card OR 22% Coupon


You can pay $1 to get a $5 gift card. You can use the gift card together with 20% coupon during our event.

Purchase $5 Gift Card: Click Here

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[If you plan to place the order LESS than $50, we suggest you purchase $5 gift card.]

2. 22% COUPON

You can pay $1 to get 22% coupon. 22% coupon can’t be used with other coupon code.

Purchase 22% Coupon: Click Here

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[If you plan to place the order MORE than $50, we suggest you purchase 22% coupon.]


1) Each person can only purchase it ONCE.

2) This gift card or coupon can only be used during the 11.11 event period. (November 8th-November 12th)

3) After placing the order, we will send the gift card code or coupon code to you via email within 24 hours.

If you do not receive it, please contact us in time. Our email:

4) You can only choose ONE of the two 11.11 pre-sale events.

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4. Pre 11.11 & Member’s Day on Social Media

1) Share the post, and comment ‘SHARED’ under the post.
2) One of every 5 comments will get $5 gift card or 22% coupon.
3) You can choose any one you need.
4) If you have purchased one of them, we will refund you.
5) Every one only can leave comment ONCE.
6) We will announce the final winners on Nov. 8th.

Check our post

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Time: November 8th-November 12th

Prize: Genshin Impact Cosplay Costume; Genshin Impact Cosplay Wig

Giveaway will be held on RoleCosplay Instagram and RoleCosplay Facebook.

Stay tuned for it!

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