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What’s Your Opinion On Cosplay

Anime cosplay,movie or game cosplay?

Nowadays, cosplay has been a trend, people love cosplay whatever they are kids or adults.

But different people have different minds about cosplay.someone say that it’s basically a thread for anything you want to say about cosplay but there is no thread for it and can’t be arsed to make one. While other say that cosplay is scared but exciting to them. But for me, cosplay is not only a way of having fun but a kind of culture which we need to pass on.

we all know that people around the world play cosplay, but people in different countries have different cosplay. For example, people in Japan prefer to anime cosplay, and Japan is the original place of anime cosplay.  Anime cosplay costumes for sale are also various.

anime cosplay costumes

Japanese anime cosplay costumes for sale

While for people in western countries, they love more wild character such as the role in a movie or game. Thus there are many cosplay costumes manufacturers make movie cosplay costumes, anime cosplay costumes as well as other cosplay ideas costumes.

movie cosplay costumes

With development of game industry, more and more new games are created, as a result, game lovers start game role cosplay to experience the real situation in games they love. We can say that cosplay have played an important role in people’ s life. Just need to buy the cosplay costumes and wigs they will cosplay role and they will become any role they wanna! So game cosplay is hot among youngers.

game cosplay costumes

So what’s your opinion on cosplay? And have you ever made a role cosplay?