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RoleCosplay Halloween Cosplay Photos Sharing

It’s Halloween Day soon. What’s your Halloween cosplay plan? Are you ready for Halloween?

RoleCosplay have an evet for Halloween cosplay sharing on its Instagram @rolecosplaycostume.



There are 3 parts on this event.

Time: Oct. 24th – Nov. 5th
1. Share your Halloween photos with tag #RoleHalloween and @rolecosplaycostume. 👈
2. Post time should be Oct. 24th – Nov. 5th. 👈
3. The photos can be cosplay photos or makeup photos.
4. The same person can only participate in the same character once.
5. Every one who shares the photos can get 200 points (we will contact you).

Time: Nov. 6th – Nov. 8th
1. We will pick up to 10 photos which have most LIKES. 👈
2. The voting will be held on @rolecosplaycostume.
3. Every one who are piced can get a $10 Gift Card.

Time: Nov. 9th
1. We will pick up to 5 winners. 👈
2. Winners can get coupons combination, the champion can get coupons combination worth $100.

PS: Points, Gift Card and coupon can be used in one order on ✨✨

If you have any question, you can find us in below ways: