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A Review of RoleCosplay’s Fantasy Midoriya Izuku Costume! By TheKanta

Review of My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Anime Cosplay Green Costumes


I was super excited to receive this package from rolecosplay, as I’ve owned a few of their costumes previously and they’ve all been beautiful- and this one is no exception!

Not only is this cosplay colour accurate to the original outfit but it also comes with the belts, pockets, and bag! Before stumbling across this rolecosplay costume, I had looked endlessly for a costume that would satisfy me (as I like to be as screen accurate as possible) and none were right! They’d either be oddly coloured, not come with the bag and other accessories, or would be horribly expensive. So luckily, rolecosplay has proven to not have any of those issues.

The cosplay is made with materials that are not only breathable, but comfortable too! So add that on top of the colour accuracy, price (including the sales too!), and included accessories, and it makes the perfect cosplay!

If I were to knit pick, the only complaint I would have is that the bust measurement is too large for myself after chest binding but that is easily fixable and in no way takes away from the cosplay itself- I’d just prefer a tighter fit for my style.

Aside from the actual costume- rolecosplay is an amazing brand to work with! My package was unfortunately returned due to Canada Post’s mistake but rolecosplay helped me figure it out easily! Their communication is great, I spoke with them through facebook messenger and they’d reply by the next day due to timezones. You can also speak with them through email, so there’s plenty of chance to attain great customer service!

Overall, I love the cosplay they have given me and I recommend their brand!

To go with this review, here are some photos of myself wearing everything included with the cosplay minus the wig and shoes!






Review by TheKanta