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Review of Attack On Titan Mikasa Ackerman Cosplay Wig

This 40cm black Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman anime cosplay wig is thick and soft. The wig has a beautiful hair style that softly accentuates the jawline and chin. It adds more to your femininity and leaves an appealing impact. The wig bangs are long; almost the same length of the wig. This gives you the liberty of trimming the bangs with even allowing a room for error.


Wig source:
“This Mikasa Ackerman Anime wig is VERY thick and absolutely great for numerous cosplays. This wig has great construction and color. It’s decent quality for its price. I would recommend it for several different characters. It is very soft and doesn’t tangle easily. Yet another great product from Uniqso.” says a customer.

I recently purchased this Mikasa Ackerman Anime wig to go to anime convention in tulsa, and this wig has exceeded my expectations! I’m mostly weary of buying character styled wigs from websites, due to the fact sometimes the styling can come out wonky or unfit for cosplaying. Surprisingly enough, this wig very well styled and comes out even prettier than the picture.

The color of the Mikasa Ackerman Anime wig itself was surprising, as well as this, the fibers are very thick and realistic as well as super soft. I had a hard time not petting my hair during con time because it’s just so soft.

Things to be weary about the Mikasa Ackerman Anime wig: If you have a big head or long/thick hair (I’m graced with both which is horrible for cosplay) you can find putting on the wig by yourself to be a challenge. There are adjustable straps in the wig, but for the most part large heads will have a hard time unless another person is pulling the other side of the wig for you.


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