Review of Kakegurui Yumeko Jabami Uniform by Ji-nie

Hello! I’m Ji-nie and I’m bringing you a review on the Kakegurui Yumeko Jabami Uniform” from RoleCosplay.


I purchased this uniform to cosplay Jabami Yumeko, though it could be used to cosplay most of the cast from Kakegurui including: Mary Saotome, Yumemite Yumemi, Yomozuki Runa, and Sumeragi Itsuki.

This uniform is NOT suitable for Momobami Kirari. However, RoleCosplay has a separate uniform for her that you can find by searching her name.


The uniform is very well made. The jacket is lined and feels securely sewn together. The skirt is very comfortable and made with fabric you would find in normal clothing stores opposed to the gross feeling fabrics you might find at other cosplay websites. I will probably find myself wearing the skirt outside of cosplay as well, since it is so cute and comfortable!

My only issue with this cosplay is the sizing on the bust. The costume fits everywhere very well with room to breathe except for the bust. Even with a sports bra on to push my chest flatter I still have issues with the jacket and shirt bunching or buttons undoing. This could be my fault since the measurements are slightly smaller than my chest size, but if I had sized up everything would have been too big everywhere else. That being said, the measurements are only SLIGHTLY smaller on the website (88cm, where my measurements are roughly 89 – 90cm) and feels quite tight and not very forgiving. Beware if you have a substantial difference between your bust and waist (my waist is about 65cm). Wearing a sports bra does help, but I do need to adjust frequently.


The skirt colouring is purely preference. I’ve seen many cosplayers go for the lighter skirt design, but others prefer the darker skirt. The colours are very accurate to the website display, so if you like how it looks online, you will be pleased!

The cosplay comes with: Jacket, button up shirt, neck tie, and skirt.

The jacket has functioning pockets which is AMAZING, and the skirt has both a zipper and elastic. The tie has a button clip.



Quality: 4/5

The quality is great, especially in the skirt! Only issue I have is the bust sizing.

Shipping: 5/5

As always, I received within two weeks! Shipping is always great from RoleCosplay.

Accuracy: 4/5

Looks exactly how it does on the website. Personally, I feel the skirt could be darker to match the anime more, but since it looks exactly like it does on the website, I knew exactly what I was getting.

Price: 4/5

This item was sponsored, but RoleCosplay always has good prices for their products. I think $56.23 (current price as of writing) is a LITTLE much for a uniform, but it’s worth it for how well it’s made.

Service: 5/5

RoleCosplay is always a joy to talk to and work with. They’re very quick to respond, and they do as much as they can to ensure a great experience. I have bought from them myself before working with them on a sponsorship. I only wanted to work on the sponsorship because I love their cosplays so much!

Hope you enjoyed my review! If you’d like to purchase this costume, or any other costume from RoleCosplay, you can use my code “Jinie” for 10% off!

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