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The Rolecos D. Va jumpsuit made out of micro fibre. It is a full body costume which has the gloves and feet connected to the body. Very well sewn and has a zipper at the back which allows to enter and leave the costume with no problem.

I have received the product via mail and it had no problem with arriving to me. The shipping was very fast despite the fact of where it was originally coming from.

The costume is easy to wear thanks to its zip at the back which gives a lot of space to manoeuvre in and out of it without any problems. The quality of the suit is really good, it’s smooth and the colours of it are really vibrant and eye appealing. I love it when the colours are bright! It doesn’t smell bad (as some suits made from this material may). The pattern of it looks nearly like the original design that’s featured in the Overwatch game. I have ordered a size S instead of size M (my normal size) in order to make sure it fits me well (I am quite tall and slim). The size definitely matches the size chart on the website. Because of how elastic it is, it fits me pretty well! It shows off my curves which makes it really sexy, but it doesn’t sheer. It’s definitely worth it’s price. It’s the most affordable D. Va costume that not only is great quality, but you also look amazing whilst wearing it. Yes, there may be better quality costume as such, but the price is very overwhelming and not everyone can afford such. Some of such costumes I have found online do not seem to fit well; having either sleeves not long enough or it being too baggy. Not with this one, as long as you measure yourself correctly and compare your sizes with the size chart, you will make sure the suit fits you well. The only cons I have encountered are: a little too much space in the arms especially under the armpits, but that is absolutely no serious problem and is easily fixable with some carefully applied safety pins. Also, since it’s a full bodysuit, you aren’t able to take the gloves and foot parts off. It also challenges you if you need to go to the bathroom. This may make it difficult to use your phone for example, although it is nothing major and you just have to prepare yourself for the fact of not being able to accomplish certain things/take longer in the bathroom.

I advise you to try to wear skin coloured, seamless underwear as it is likely to show any other type of underwear that are multicoloured short boxers as the suit is really tight on you. Also, it is a good idea to wear some white shoes so that you don’t get the feet of the suit dirty/damaged.

In addition to that you can buy other items to complete the cosplay such as the wig and the headset.

I believe this costume would be suitable for anyone that is starting to get into cosplaying due to the fact that it is a really comfortable, appealing and affordable cosplay on the market. It would also be beneficial for someone who wishes to show off their figure more because it fits really well and shows off all the attributes.

To summarise everything this costume is definitely worth the consideration of buying. And that is because it offers a comfortable experience from wearing it, walking around in it, for example, on a convention, to taking it off. It’s quality is impressive. You can easily slip it on with no problem whatsoever. The material is high quality and the pattern itself is bright and nearly as accurate as the original. It has a few flaws such as it fitting, but it’s simply the matter of measuring yourself correctly. Also, as it’s a full body suit some people may not like the fact that they cant take the gloves off, although to think of it it’s better to have them like this so that you don’t loose them. I am really satisfied with how amazing this suit is due to its quality and appearance, despite my worries about it fitting or not. I would definitely recommend giving it a try!

Overwatch D.Va Costume Cosplay Suit

Overwatch D.Va Game Cosplay Wigs Long Hair Wigs

The Rolecos brown wig made out of heat resistant fibres. Length is long, it is capless and fairly light on the head.

I have received the product via mail along with the D. Va costume and it had no problem with arriving to me. The shipping was very fast despite the fact of where it was originally coming from.

The wig is easy to put on, it fits well (it can also be adjusted) and is light on the head. It’s possible to straighten it on the lowest heat to restyle it. The wig has a nice brown colour, but is a bit shiny and in order to get rid of the shine you can use a little bit of baby powder on it. It’s a perfect length for cosplaying D. Va. The fringe is a little too long if you desire to use it on D. Va, but it is fairly easy to trim it a little to the desired length. The wig is definitely worth the money and is really affordable for it’s great quality. I also really like this wig for it’s thickness and for how it looks like real hair. Some wigs that are used for D. Va are thin, have too much shine or feel really rough in texture.

This wig is definitely for someone who would wish to be a long haired brunette. It can also be used as a essential piece for cosplaying D. Va. You can also use it for shoots or for just everyday use.

In conclusion, the wig looks and feels really good. It’s not that expensive and is perfect for anything and anyone. The only issue is, if you want to use it for D. Va, you would have to trim the fringe a little bit to the desired length. Personally, I am really happy with it’s quality and would definitely recommend it!

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