RoleCos Review – Kotori Police Cosplay

    Hello I am doing another review sponsored by RoleCos, I am very happy to be able wear another one of their beautiful costumes!
    I really like the costumes of Love Live and I just couldnt resist picking one of my favorite design, that was Kotori the officer version!
 RoleCos Review - Kotori Police Cosplay
The costume comes with a dress, gloves, hat, bows, a Waist belt, a belt for you leg, a cover for your Boats, and a necktie

Bullet; Black The dress is made of Garbadine fabric, with black and golden details, the skirt as lots of layers, it has a cover that has its finishes in White with crinoline to make it floaty, both are attached to the dress, it also comes with a fabric design squares and some small stars just like the original design, the neck and the details on the sleaves are made of the fabric satin color black, I really liked the details on the golden flower its real pretty, and its as a garter to hold the dress it goes attached to the legs belt.


Bullet; Black Hat: I really liked that its made of the same fabric as the dress, it comes with a yellow ribbon, it also comes with a brooch that’s the offices badge, it has a plastic piece on the inside that keep the shape of the badge and it also has a visor made of plastic.


Bullet; Black Belts: Both are made of black Vinyl, the belt waist as star details like the original design and the leg belt has a small bow with golden details, the belt has a small elastic that can be attached to the dress garter.


Bullet; Black Bow: both are real simple, the hair bow is made of the same fabric as the square on the dress and the other bow goes on the waist and its made of the same fabric as the dress with golden details, both have fasteners.


Bullet; Black Necktie: it has a small black elastic so it can secured around your neck, its made of gabardine fabric of various colors, with the details made of white strips.


Bullet; BlackGloves: Are made of fabric White Satin


Bullet; Black Cover for the Boots: The fabric is made of Gabardine with the details of black and golden vinyl, on the bottom part it has a elastic that hold on the boat and the upper part it has Velcro you can adjusted to your leg.

Bullet; Black Dressmaking: As always they are very well made and they care of even the smallest detail of the costume.
Bullet; BlackShipping Time: This time i got it really fast, it took about a 1 week to get to my address once the order was processed.

Bullet; BlackCustomer Service: As always they have great customer service on ROLECOS, the answer all of your question and they are very friendly, something that I love about the store!
Overall it’s a pretty costume, and I felt in love with the cosplay and a wore it, it just look so beautiful!
I hope this review was of great help, visit the RoleCos website to see all the costumes they have to offer. Thank you so much RoleCos for a beautiful dress.