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Re: Life In A Different World From Zero Emilia Dresses Cosplay Costumes Review

I want to introduce another cosplay shop to you which I recently discovered: Rolecosplay

I got the full Emilia Cosplay from Re:Zero from this shop and I’d like to tell you about it. :3


Rolecosplay only offer standard sizes. I have pretty exactly the measurements that are shown for size S. So I ordered Size S J The Costume fits pretty great!!!


Rolecosplay have choosen different fabrics for the skirt and the top.

The fabric choise makes the costume perfect to wear it summer without sweating too much. Plus: The fabrics are crease-resistant and easy to iron!

The only part you need to be a bit careful when iron it are the tips oft he sleeves because the pattern is printed onto the sleeves and I would melt if you iron it directly. So please only iron it on low tempreature and with a seperate fabric between the flat iron and the sleeve.

The stockings are made out of spandex.


For the costume itself the stockings wear added and the green stone Emilia wear is also sween onto the top.


Next to the costume I got the wig for Emilia as well. Rolecosplay is cooperating with L-email for the wigs.


I already got my Kotori Minami wig from L-email and was absolutely amazed by the anout of hair and the quality. For Emilias wig I can only say the same. The wig has a lot of hair, which is especially important for white and silver hair, because when you have too less hair for a bright wig you can easily see your own hair through. But this in no problem at all for wigs by L-email and Rolecosplay.

I also got a aliceband with braided hair on it and the white rose with the purple ribbon.



The shipping time of the cosplay incl. the wig was about 3 weeks which I think is really fast.
In came in a plastic shipping bag. In that bag where two more bags. One for the wig and one for the costume. The one for the costume had a zipper which is very useful to store the costume! (Even the package looked high quality, wow! O_O) I didn’t have to pay any custom fees which is always a plus I want to add because custom fees can be annoying.

The communication to the shop is realy good.

I can recommand this shop at least to everyone with a limited budget, who never the less want to get a good quality costume.