Raphtalia Cosplay Review by Yukeshiro

Raphtalia Cosplay Review by Yukeshiro (1)

Thanks to RoleCosplay I was given a chance to cosplay one of the best Waifus of the season – Raphtalia from Rising of the Shield Hero!

Raphtalia Cosplay Review by Yukeshiro (4)

In the package I got:

  • a brown wig with two clip on “ears”
  • a pair of shoes
  • a white dress
  • a red and white overdress
  • a pair of gloves
  • 4 x silver accessories
  • a leather belt
  • a chestpiece made of foam
  • a red ribbon

Raphtalia Cosplay Review by Yukeshiro (3)

My size is EU36 mostly (B89, W66, H90), 167 cm height and here I’m wearing S size.

To be honest I had a lot of troubles with sizing of this costume. :( Both dresses are kind of short on me, they also were too loose on my waist, so I needed to adjust them myself. On the other hand – the chest armor was way too small for me – I couldn’t even wear it properly, I had to add some elastic to even be able to put it on. It is also too narrow for my chest, that’s why it kept moving during my shoot. The boots are perfect for me.

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The parcel came to me packed neatly as always. The shoes were kept in separate plastic bags, while the costume was in the ziptie one. Everything came wrinkled, but it was really easy to iron. Shoes are really well made and from a quality leatherlike fabric. If you didn’t order shoes – RoleCos also provides you with a shoecovers which is really nice. Both dresses were awesomely made and finished neatly. I really like the choice of fabrics – they are nice to touch, and the colours ar every accurate. I really didn’t like the belt part – it came with a roll of double sided tape that was supposed to keep the silver part onto the belt. It has fallen off for me when I tried the costume at home! :( I tried gluing it using the tape, but is is so poorly done, I have lost the piece during my photoshoot and most of the pictures are taken without it. As I mentioned, the chest piece is a really strange size, I also wish it could be done from a different fabric. The gloves were also a bit loose, so they kept sliding down a bit.

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The wig is really long and beautiful. The fibers are soft and perfect colour. Some of the parts of hair are already styled – I only needed to cut my bangs a little bit and use some hairspray to style the wig. I didn’t like the ears part of the wig, because it doesn’t look similar to Raphtalia’s ears and also you can see white EVA foam from underneath it. I ended up making my own ears and not using them though. :)

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This is how the costume looks on me in full glory! I hope you like it! ^_^

Raphtalia Cosplay Review by Yukeshiro11

A cute waifu bonus for you! :3

And this is the end of this Raphtalia costume review! I really hope that you like seeing me as this character. <3 I also hope it will be useful to you when you decide to purchase your own costume. Please consider checking out other wonderful cosplays RoleCosplay has in their offer by following the links down below!

Video review here 👇

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