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Raise the Storm of Appraisal with Daenerys Targaryen’s Cosplay Costume

Daenerys Targaryen, as the main character on Game of Thrones, is definitely the most outstanding role on her costumes. Arguably, one of the popular TV series that has garnered the collective accolades of the worldwide audiences is the Game of Thrones – a story set in the background of alternate dystopian reality, where direwolves, dragons and black magic doesn’t just exist in the pages of the ancient fables, but manifests in flesh and blood. The master creator of the mystical septology, George R.R Martin introduced us into this mystical world with his works “A Song Of Ice And Fire” that gave birth to the character Daenerys Targaryen, who in the series has been renowned as the “Mother of Dragons” and the adaptation of the story “Game of Thrones” has been an international TV series sensation from 2010.


The show has been regarded as one the highest grossing TV series, with over some million fandoms that respects and watches the every episode of the series. The story of Game of Thrones introduces us to seven kingdoms in the dystopian world – Westroes, which is ruled by the king possessing the Iron Throne in King’s Landing. The TV series introduced several noteworthy, yet extremely controversial characters from the pilot episodes, which are explored and developed as the story progresses.

Though the story sheds its limelight over the several characters, there is one character that has garnered extreme popularity and reputation over time is Daenerys Targaryen who demonstrated her worth as the dragon rider, an empress and a ruthless, mastermind conqueror with a shrewd strategy and acumen in forming the army and delving deep into the plan for crossing the Narrow Sea to reach King’s Landing and conquer the Iron Throne and rule the seven kingdoms.

There is no denying in the fact that Game of Thrones became extremely popular with its initial release in 2010, owing to characters such as Daenerys, who defined her absolute supremacy and built her own army from scratch and dust. Such an extreme demonstration as a ruling commander made this series a complete card to be entered into the cosplay world. And over the time, the cosplay world, which was ruled by mostly nerds and geeks, started to introduce the cosplay costumes of the legendary Game of Thrones characters, which with a slight spin-off became another popular cosplay event much like Marvel and DC characters.

The story opens with the introduction of princess Daenerys as a meek, submissive sister of Viserys Targaryen, exiled in Essos because of their ruthless hypocrite father Aerys Targaryen, who in order to win an army of wild tribe, lead by Karl Drogo, a ruthless fighter who lacks the basic moral judgment, gets his sister to marry him. While Daenerys was treated as the Khaleesi in the later scenes, she was awarded with three mythical dragon eggs, which she cared and fondled whole-heartedly like her child. Upon the death of Karl Drogo from a deadly infection by an injury, she walks into the burning pyre of her deceased husband carrying the millennia stoned eggs in her womb, from where she resurrects with three living dragons. She was regarded as the “Mother of Dragons” in the entire series for her supernatural ability to live and raise the dragons without and constraints and fear. With her advisors and counselors, she traveled with her dragons and a handful of wild tribe members, and a big hope of crossing the Narrow Sea. Later she rallied the Unsullied of Astapor, using her shrewd diplomatic terms of negotiations that allowed her to march forward towards her throne.

Daenerys Targaryen’s character became an overnight success because of the character’s development as a widowed exiled princess to an empress of Meeren, which she conquered single-handedly with the aid of her mighty dragons and advisors, while freeing the slaves and eradicating slavery from the Essos. She continued her mighty, relentless pursuit in gathering her army and ships to conquer the Iron Throne.

Although the series Game of Thrones haven’t garnered a superfluous mainstream popularity in international television because of its explicit content and scenes of nudity and fornications, it has been a massive hit in the cosplay universe and the fandom go gaga over the characters. Bloggers and critic writers have developed many alternate theories about the ending of ever episode, giving a complete makeover for developing different storylines for free thinkers to ponder on. The cosplay world has widely accepted the presence of Game of Thrones fame, because Cosplay has became a form of art for expressing the passionate love for certain genres of movies, TV series and games, which is a slight modification from the mainstream social media. It’s a successive branching way of paying homage and exhibiting respect for the characters of any anime, game or movie.

Cosplay has also created a central podium for allowing the likeminded people to come together and share and discuss their common interests and passions about certain movie or characters. And for this purpose, Cosplay stores have mushroomed in different cities, where the cosplay events are annually organized. The cosplay costumes of famous characters such as Daenerys have been filled with several real-life amulets and wigs to give the impersonation of the actual character, which has stepped out from the big screen to participate in the cosplay event.

game of thrones

Daenerys’s costume consists of several minuscule amulets and other detailing, but some of the important ones which are profoundly in demand during the cosplay seasons are


  • Daenerys’s silver locks that adds to her mystical beauty and defines her governance as a Khaleesi. This silvery blond wig are available in any online or offline cosplay costume
  • Daenerys’s dragon choker necklace which she wore in several episodes that adds to her gravity of being the Mother of Dragons. She was seen wearing it during the battle in the fighting pits and it’s considered to be an exclusive amulet to be worn during cosplay. This metallic necklace with intricate details can be purchased from selective cosplay costume stores only.
  • Daenerys’s blue-white dress in which she was portrayed in most of the episode and hence considered as an important insignia for cosplay people.

If you’re targeting on hitting any cosplay event, make sure you’ve purchased and dressed  in the three aforementioned clothing to give you a realistic costume of Daenerys Targaryen.

game of thrones daenerys

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