OverWatch D.Va’s wig review

First of all thanks to Rolecosplay  for sponsoring me this wig. It is absolutely fantastic, I have no words to describe how much I love it!

This is the photo:

OverWatch D.Va's wig review
wig before being styled
OverWatch D.Va's wig review
wig after styling
OverWatch D.Va's wig review

The color is so perfect for D.Va, the wig is so soft and the most important part is that IT IS SO THICK!
It looks so natural, you can’t even tell it’s a wig!

My final rating is a 5/5 for everyting, the price is really cheap for its wonderful quality, I totally recommend buying from this shop!
You can buy this wig here: http://www.rolecosplay.com/overwatch-d-va-game-cosplay-wigs-long-hair-wigs.html