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Noragami Yato Jersey Cosplay Costume Outfit Review

A while ago I got the opportunity to review Rolecosplay. As some of you may know, I’m a cosplayer, so this collaboration was very exciting to me! I got to review a Yato (from Noragami) cosplay, which was on my wishlist.


The contact I had with Rolecosplay was very good.

Responses varied between being quick and slow. Sometimes only an hour passed, sometimes a few days. Of course there is also time difference which influences the response speed. They were very helpful, though! So communication with them was good.

The shipping was estimated to take 2-3 weeks. But it took about 5 weeks. However, this is not to blame on Rolecosplay. Around the time the package was sent it was close to Christmas, and thus China post had an overload of packages. And because of that overload there were massive delays. Not only got this package delayed, but also 3 of my other packages from other companies were delayed. Because of this I know it was China post’s fault, and was Rolecosplay not to blame. This does mean that I cannot review the shipping time properly. The packaging was good. It was packaged like most cosplays I’ve ordered were packaged. I liked that they had a customised package!

When I unpacked the cosplay I was really happy! It looked super good. Apart from the crown on the jacket that was done a little bit messily I really loved the quality.



The cosplay is super comfortable and fits perfectly! The sleeves are slightly short on me, but being a tall person I’m used to that. Other than that it’s perfect. The fabric is smooth and comfortable and I feel very confident in this cosplay.



Now I just need to perfect my make-up and it’ll be even more perfect! If you want to see a full view of the cosplay you can watch the unboxing video below!

Overall I’m quite happy with this cosplay and company. I recommend buying from them.