Nero Claudius Cosplay Review From Blue Snow

Oh look at the clock! It’s time for a Review ❤ This one is for a special store, @rolecosplaycostume.

I want to start by saying they were very kind even before the purchase, I had questions about delivery and they fully satisfied my doubts, and after purchase they made sure my measures were alright, they really care about their costumers.
The white cloat is so long, the material is also very good and it fits me perfectly in the waist, and have no problem during washing too! The bikini set is also very good, is very small but is made this way, is very stretchy and comfortable.


The Wig is also from Rolecosplay store, it arrived a bit messy but after styiling it was just perfect, I love the way the wig is gathered up, and the chignon is removable, helping you style it better.
GC375A+ML251-6 GC375A+ML251-8

GC375A+ML251-7 GC375A+ML251-9
I will always recomment to my friends to buy their cosplay from @rolecosplaycostume. As they say in their motto they will make your cosplay dream alive!