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If you could move Japan anywhere in the world, where would you move it? 【Video】


When you ask people where they would live if they could move anywhere in the world, a lot of times they’ll stick with their home countries. We don’t blame them! After all, their family is probably there, they are used to the culture and lifestyle, moving to a new country would, frankly, be tough.

But, what if you could move your whole country with you? Our RocketNews24 reporters braved the cold on the streets of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district to ask passersby, “Where would you move Japan, if you could?” 

▼ First they asked Tokyoites

The results were overwhelmingly in favor of moving Japan to warmer waters, such as near Hawaii or to South East Asia. It’s hard to say if opinions were skewed due to the current weather in Tokyo, being that it is February and bitterly cold here!

Another popular location was the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The reasoning behind this choice being that Japan would be pretty central between four major continents, so travel would become easier, shorter and cheaper– not to mention the increase of delicious food options!

▼ They also found some foreigners to ask.

It’s understandable that foreigners living or visiting Japan would want to move Japan closer to their home country, think of all the money you could save on travel and shipping costs! However, there were some outliers who chose pretty random places too.

This is a pretty fun question to ask, even if you ask about countries other than Japan. We would love to hear both your choice of where you’d like to move Japan and where you would like to move your own home country. Let us know in the comment section below! Also, if you have any other interesting questions that you would like us to investigate, definitely drop a line and maybe you’ll see a video asking your question in the future!