How to make a cosplay wig look natural?

How to make a beautiful and perfect cosplay image?

This question always perplex many cosers. From head to feet, the wig would be first thing and important one. Many coser complain that when they wear cosplay wig, it’s not looked naturally and ideally.

Let’s see if there is any way to solve this problem~

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First of all, owning a good quality wig is helped, but sometimes the wig we buy will have several problems. For example, the wig is not soft enough. In this case, I saw someone wash the wig with comfort or softener. It says useful. After washing, the wig fiber will become softer. Another example is that the color of wig is too light or too dark. For this case, somebody buy hire dye and stain the wig. That are main problems for quality of wig. However, except quality problem, how to wear wig properly is also an important issue.


The technique of wearing wig properly need practice. If you are freshman, just follow some teaching videos on web to practice how to wear wig correctly. Later, you will get the key point to how to wear wig well. Then the last thing,if u edit or PS the photo, the color and effect of photo will be better! So make the cosplay wig look nice and natural is accurately not very hard: )

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