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Lycoris Recoil |What are the charms of atypical partners?

Haven’t you watched the July anime Lycoris Recoil this summer ? After a brief introduction to the plot, I will explain to you the charm of Lycoris Recoil.


Lycoris Recoil What are the charms of atypical partners (6)

Chisato Nishikigi(L) &  Takina Inoue (R) 

The “Lycoris” in Lycoris Recoil are a group of teenage orphans raised by the state secret organization DA. Disguised as middle school students, they are actually agents used to solve various security crises in Japan. In a special operation, heroine Takina Inoue disobeyed orders and was relegated to work at a secret coffee shop.


The protagonists are a pair of girls. The partners of other anime protagonists are basically: happy but not smart + unhappy but very smart, such as Naruto Uzumaki and Uchiha Sakuragi Sasuke and Rukawa Kaede, and Kiana and Fuhua from “Honkai 3”, with the development of the plot, the audience Happy to see that one character gradually becomes happy, and the other character gradually matures and stabilizes.

This classic combination has appeared many times in recent years, but due to the large number of appearances, the audience’s interest in this genre is far less than in previous years. In such an environment, the combination of unhappy unsmart + happy and smart is refreshing to everyone. Lycoris Recoil‘s two heroines are just that.

As soon as Chisato Nishikigi appeared on the stage, her cute and lively image made everyone think she was silly and sweet, but with the development of the plot, we gradually discovered the other side of Chisato Nishikigi’s vitality: saving Tokyo, valued by DA leaders, favored by other Lycoris, has a very clear understanding of his own life, and is not under the control of DA.

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Takina Inoue is the opposite. Her marksmanship is superb, but she positions herself as a DA tool. She is willing to work for the organization and needs the sense of belonging and identity that the organization brings. She paid little attention to her own feelings. Immerse herself in a serious atmosphere every day.

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In DA with girls as soldiers, everyone is indoctrinated to obey the organization. As orphans, the girls can only rely on the DA, and they have no vision for life other than espionage work.
One has to wonder what happened to Chisato Nishikigi to become what she is now, and what will happen to Takina Inoue after she is away from DA’s work environment? Getting rid of the self-awareness as a tool and cultivating a strong and free heart may be the core of the bond between Chisato Nishikigi and Takina Inoue

Of course, the shootout between the beautiful girls in the city and the interaction between the two girls are also other reasons that attract everyone. Looking forward to where the story goes in the next episode.

Lycoris Recoil What are the charms of atypical partners (1)

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