Look sexy by moonlight with official Sailor Moon lingerie

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Like any good anime magical girls, Sailor Moon and her comrades transform into special costumes before taking on the forces of evil. But as cool as their sailor-themed battle gear looks on TV, pleated skirts in vibrant primary colors are a little loud by contemporary Japanese fashion standards. So how can the many fans the Sailor Moon franchise has attracted over the past two decades feel a little closer, wardrobe-wise, to their beloved heroines?

By slipping into a set of Sailor Moon lingerie.

This isn’t the first instance of anime-themed undies for ladies. A while back, we brought word of panties patterned after those of Evangelion character Asuka, which quickly sold out at the successful anime series’ official merchandise store.

However, most of the time when the worlds of Japanese animation and intimate apparel collide, the target seems to be male fans. While we can believe some of those Evangelionpanties ended up doing their ostensible purpose, we’d bet dollars to donuts (or yen to sweet bean cakes) that the majority are stashed away in some dude’s dresser awaiting a willing model, perhaps along with a stack of…um…tasteful photo collections.

The Sailor Moon lingerie, however, seems to be honestly aimed at women who want to secretly indulge in their love for the series. Licensor Bandai has teamed up with Peach John, an established Japanese lingerie manufacturer with a national chain of stores and reputation for fun, flirty designs.

Starting off simple, Peach John has panties and lingerie sets featuring understated Sailor Moon-inspired patterns. The panties come two to a set for 1,800 yen (US$18), while a bra/panty set will set you back 3,980 yen.

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The flagship of the product lineup, however, are the Sailor Moon Transformation Bra Sets, which are available in the colors of Sailor Moon herself, as well as each of her four companions.

▼ Sailor Moon

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▼ Sailor Mercury

SB 26

SB 27

▼ Sailor Mars

SB 34

SB 35

▼ Sailor Jupiter

SB 28

SB 29

▼ Sailor Venus

SB 32

SB 33

Each of the nylon/polyester/polyurethane bikini sets is listed at US$15.99 and includes the character’s ribbon collar. Aside from color variations, the sets are identical, with the exceptions of the Sailor Moon set having a unique moon insignia on the collar and more detailed chest-ribbon accessory.

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Speaking of those ribbons, they’re removable, so there’s no need to worry about having a huge frilly bulge in the back of your jeans.

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